Have you considered going Solar in Chandigarh or you are still thinking about it?

Easiest Way to Install Solar System in Chandigarh

Step 1. Roof Visit & System Sizing

Our Solar Expert will visit your residence, examine the roof to conduct a feasibility check and recommend the appropriate system dimension based upon your power intake pattern.

Solar makes your roof aesthetically appealing rather than occupying the space

Step 2: Obtaining Government Authorization

When you provide us a consent, we start the Government liaisoning process that includes application registration & documents verification, feasibility inspection by DISCOM and Net Metering Approval.

Step 3: PV System Installation

After obtaining authorizations from DISCOM we start the installation part. Our systems are amongst the highest possible power creating systems in Chandigarh. We assure you the generation guarantee and panel performance warranty.

Step 4: Solar System Commissioning & Handover

After installing your rooftop Solar PV System, we get connection agreement from DISCOM to commission the system. We then hand it over to you along with the operating manual and warranty certificates.

Step 5: Online Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Our system comes with an online remote monitoring device using which you can track your electricity generation from anywhere on your smartphone. We also offer free maintenance post installation.

As a next step, you can call us to understand more about installing Solar system in Chandigarh. We will be happy to help you

The more you postpone, the more you loose. Remember you are paying high power bills every month!

Not made up your mind yet?

How about answering these questions:

Would you prefer to own rooftop Solar Power Plant that provides you affordable electricity than your utility company?

Wouldn’t you like if the power that you produce is not only clean but environment-friendly?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes” and you have decided to opt for cleaner energy through your own Solar Power Plant, then you can contact us now and we will help you with Solar PV System installation at your residence in Chandigarh in the most convenient way.

For those who are curious to learn more about working of a Solar PV System, please read on. After reading the below-detailed info, your solar related queries will certainly be solved. You will learn about the most convenient way of installing Solar at your home in Chandigarh.

Let’s start with how the entire Solar PV System functions and why it makes perfect sense to go solar.

Exactly How a Solar PV System in Chandigarh functions?

A solar system makes electricity from the sunlight. Solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) panels convert falling sun rays into electricity by energetic electrons in silicon cells using the photons of light from the sun. You can utilize this formed power to run devices at your residence, much like the regular power that you obtain from your power company.

Solar panels work just fine in ambient light and will generate significant electricity in the fog or on overcast days!

What’s an On-Grid Solar System and an Off-Grid Solar System?

On-Grid Solar System is a solar energy system that is connected to the power grid of the electricity company. It works on Net Metering principle wherein you consume the electricity generated by your rooftop Solar PV System first and then you import surplus units from the electricity company. You can run all your electrical gadgets with On- Grid Solar System without caring about the load constraints of your system. This system is most helpful in cities where Net Metering policy is effectively implemented.

Do you know you can run AC, Heater, Geysers on an On- Grid Solar PV System?

The off-grid Solar System is an independent solar energy system which is installed with batteries to provide you with the power backup. The electricity produced during the day gets stored in the batteries which can be used throughout the day. In this system, your usage will certainly be constricted by the ability of the solar generation system as well as batteries. An off-grid system is most matched in remote locations where grid connection is absent.

Hybrid System System is a mix of an on-grid as well as an off-grid system. This solar energy system is linked to the power grid as well as has a battery backup. This is somewhat costly system and is suitable for those areas where the grid connections are present with huge power cuts.

What’s Net Metering and its policy in Chandigarh?

Net Metering

Net metering is a real-time accounting process that takes into account the power created by your roof-top Solar System as well as the power provided by your power company. This accounting is done by a unique electrical energy meter which is called as Net Meter. See the below picture illustrating Net Metering:

Net Metering Policy in Chandigarh

Under Net Metering policy of Chandigarh, energy generated by the Roof Top Solar plant is first consumed by the customer and the surplus if any is exported to the Grid.

Net Metering approval is limited since it given on first come first serve basis till the local transformer reaches 20% of its load capacity!

As an example, if you are not utilizing much power (eg. you go to job or you are out on a trip), the solar system will still generate electrical energy. This excess energy (units) will be fed into the grid and it will be credited in your account

So, at times when you are consuming more energy than you are generating (eg. at night or during peak consumption times) you will first consume your credit. The DISCOM will certainly bill you just for the additional units imported except for any kind of power produced by your Solar System.
In case, your system generates more power which stays unadjusted at the end of the fiscal year, electricity company will pay you @ DISCOM’s average power purchase price of that fiscal Year as per CREST regulation.

Check out our customer testimonials and some of our live installations below.

What our Customers say ...

Ms. Farah Batool

We saw the installation at a friend’s place and we felt it was cost effective and space effective. Zolt looked at our space and provided the best solution for us.

Dr. Kuhar

My bill payment was Zero. Which means, I have generated my own clean energy that is consumed in my household. I had to just show my roof and the rest was done by Zolt.

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