Towards a Greener Pune!

Have you considered Solar for saving on high energy bills?

Five Easy Steps to Solar in Pune

Step 1. Getting All Relevant Information

We provide you with all the information you need in understanding how solar energy can help you in reducing your power bills and leading an uninterrupted life. It is a lifestyle investment and we are here to ensure that you can make the most of it.

Step 2: Identifying Your Requirements and Constraints

A residential customer today is either dealing with high power bills or frequent power cuts, or both. The rooftop is an asset that is used in multiple ways and dedicating a part of it just to solar might not be the best step forward. We help you evaluate different structural options, giving you the flexibility on ‘How You Want To Go Solar’

Step 3: Right-Sizing Your Solar Power Plant

Once we have helped you list down your requirements, we begin with sizing the optimum solar plant by translating your needs into final specifications and drawings for your approval.

Step 4: Getting Your Net-Metering Approval

We coordinate with your power company to make sure you get the net-metering approvals as soon as possible.

Step 5: Installation and Switch On

We will install the solar power plant on your rooftop to your satisfaction and coordinate with your Power Company for your meter change and switch on. All our systems come with 10-year maintenance so you can sit back, relax and watch all your electricity bill worries evaporate in the sun.

You can call us to understand more about installing Solar system in Pune. We will be more than glad to help you go solar.

More you postpone it, the more you loose on your money. Remember you are paying high energy bills every month!

Do you still have doubts regarding Solar Process?

Do you mind answering these questions:

Would you like to own a rooftop Solar PV System that generates electricity cheaper than your DISCOM?

Would you like if the energy that you generate is not only clean but environment-friendly?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes” and you are ready to go solar you can  contact our solar experts for evaluating your solar requirement now. You have chosen the green & clean energy through your own Solar PV System. Our team will help you switch to solar in the best possible way.

For people who are really interested in knowing about Solar Energy and how a Solar PV SYstem works, we have tried explaining things in detail.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is simply the conversion of the bounty of sunbeams into electricity for meeting world’s power needs. When blazing sunlight (a potent source of energy) hits certain materials, this energy gets transformed into an electrical current.

Every solar device consists of photovoltaic cells which are also known as semiconductor diodes that convert light into direct current. These cells are considered to be the master-minds in this whole process of conversion owing to the fact that photons of light excite the electrons in the cell and induce them to flow when sunshine hits the PV cell.

Initially criticized for being exorbitant, environment-friendly solar energy is now perceptibly replacing fossil fuels as masses have become mindful of the adverse effects of emissions. Apart from it, there is much more to a story which persuades conscious beings to opt for solar panels. Let’s take a sneak peek into the unparalleled pros of solar energy.

In cloudy days, Solar panels work just fine in ambient light and will produce significant energy in the fog or on overcast days!

Explaining On- Grid Solar PV System & Off- Grid Solar PV System

On-Grid Solar System is a type of Solar PV System which works with the grid. An On- Grid system can run all your appliances like AC, TV, Fans, Lights etc. You can consume the electricity generated by the system in the daytime and import the electricity from the grid at the night time. You get power banking facility from your DISCOM & a net meter to support export & import of electricity. This kind of system is feasible for cities with active Net Metering Policy and less than 4 hours of average power cut

Do you know you can run AC, Heater, Geysers on an On- Grid Solar PV System?

Off- Grid system is an independent solar energy system which is installed on your house to support your energy consumption at the time of power cut since the system is designed to run with the batteries that store the power. An Off-Grid system is perfect for remote areas or places where there is no grid connectivity. The system can run limited loads depending on its battery & system size.

Hybrid System is best of both worlds. A system which has properties of an On-Grid System & an Off-Grid System. The hybrid system is connected to the grid and also has battery to store power to support you during the power cut. This needs a higher investment comparatively.

What is Net Metering and its policy in Pune?

Net Metering

Net metering is a technique in which the owner is credited by the electricity grid for the PV generated energy. Under the technique of net metering, the utility has to pay the owner of the system for every unit (KWh) of energy put into the grid. The major twist comes when the system produces more electricity than its owner can bring into the application. Each utility has its own system of tackling the circumstances by either crediting the account or taking the credit itself.

We have tried explaining it with the help of a diagram below:

Net Metering Benefits of Net Metering:

  1. Financial benefit for the system owner:  Since the system owner is charged for the net energy consumed from the utility grid, the owner gets financial benefits. e.g., as explained above in the scenarios, if energy generation is more than the energy consumed, owner pays just for the net amount. If energy generation is lesser than the energy consumed: the owner gets credit for excess generation.
  1. Decreases the use of batteries: In a grid-based PV system, any extra energy generated can be fed back to the local utility grid and can be brought into the application when required. Thus, there is no need to store the huge amount of energy in batteries for future use, thereby decreasing the higher expenditure of batteries.
  2. Produce more today to fulfil in the future: Typically, a solar power system produces more energy in summer and comparatively less energy in winter. e.g., If in summer, on an average PV generates 1000 units and load requirement is 800 units, then 200 units can be fed back to the grid. In winter, solar power generates only 600 units and load requirement is 800 units, then 200 units can be taken from the grid. Thus, overall excess generation from solar power system is taken care of and net unitsconsumed from the grid becomes zero.

Check out our customer testimonials and some of our live installations below.

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Ms. Farah Batool

We saw the installation at a friend’s place and we felt it was cost effective and space effective. Zolt looked at our space and provided the best solution for us.

Dr. Kuhar

My bill payment was Zero. Which means, I have generated my own clean energy that is consumed in my household. I had to just show my roof and the rest was done by Zolt.

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