The Game Changing Energy System. Direct-to-Home Solar

Power In Your Hand

Zolt PV systems come with remote monitoring facility to track your generation on your computer or phone. Watch your savings grow or simply brag to your friends.

Customised structures for different sites

Because each home is different. Aesthetically designed structures create usable spaces instead of occupying it. Use it for your rooftop garden, an extra storage room or just to soak up some sun. We leave it to you.

Built To Last

Highest Quality

All our systems meet the highest quality specifications, installed by trained and professional people. We take pride in putting our name on your system.

Built For You

We understand that every site is different and every customer’s needs are different. We ensure that your custom needs are met every time. 

Guaranteed For Lifetime

The solar panels are guaranteed for performance for 25 years. We maintain your system for 5 years. That’s the long term we look out for.

5 Years Maintenance

All our systems come with 5 years of maintenance included. Because we believe better maintenance = higher savings for you.

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